Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Chair Evolution

The Evolution of Our Chairs

The weather has been warming up here and Jason and I have started our spring cleaning.  We have two lofts in our garage that we rotate the seasonal equipment from.  Up goes all the ski’s etc into the storage area and down come the golf clubs, bikes etc.  The back part of the storage area is all the baby stuff that we decided to keep.  When I was up there last weekend I realized just how much stuff we actually have!  Having the twins meant having two of almost everything.  I had to move a highchair over to get something down and that’s when Jason and I got to discussing just how many 'eating' type of chairs we have gone through since the boys have been born and just how much of a help they each were at different stages of the boys lives. 

Their first chairs that we used for feeding were actually their bouncy chairs.  We would sit them both in their bouncy chairs and that would allow one adult to easily feed two babies at once! 

Once solid food started the boys moved into their highchairs.  We had peg perego highchairs with wipeable material backs.  I would highly recommend highchairs that are easy to wipe because many meals got very messy!!  They had a removable insert on the tray so easy to grab it and bring it to the sink to wash. 

To be honest though our highchair trays were very easy to remove but often I just removed the entire thing!  Another nice feature was that they were able to go from a slightly reclining to upright position as the boys grew. 

The height was adjustable as well which was nice because I would put them at the highest position if I was standing to feed them or at table height if I was sitting on the kitchen chair.  We used their highchairs until they were 2.5 years old for every meal!  Yes that is right, we pulled their chairs up beside the table and they ate all their meals with us in their highchairs!! 

They received bumbo’s and tray’s as gifts for their first Christmas.  They used them to play in but we also used them as highchairs to travel with when they were still pretty young.  They were pretty small and easy to pack.
The boys went to an at home daycare for 2 months starting when they were 10 months old.  We purchased portable booster chairs that attached to seats for their daycare provider.  We also used these for meals and traveling once the boys became too big to eat in bumbo’s anymore.  We still used these until about 6 months ago as booster seats for when we went to visit people.  With the trays attached they were perfect; especially when we were visiting friends that did not already have kid stuff.  We just left them in the back of the truck for the longest time and would run out to get them whenever we needed them.

The stokke trip trap highchair that we purchased almost 2 years ago now are still being used to this day and I foresee we will still be using them for years to come.  They have been absolutely fantastic.  There are about 10 different slots that you can input the actual seat and then the foot rest in.  They match our table perfectly so I will say that 99% of the people who come to our house and eat with us don’t even realize that the boys have a different chair then everyone else at the table.  We can just adjust the seat part down as the boys grow to make sure they are always at the right height at the table.  They never have to sit on their knees in order to reach the table like the rest of us.  I also love the fact that their feet/legs are then supported.   To me it is more comfy when my feet rest of the floor on my chair in comparison to when they dangle so I think it’s the same for them too.
In the above picture you can see that they are at the same height as adults at the table.

This is a picture from halloween.  You can see the chair from the side here and see how their feet are supported.

And that my friend has been the evolution of the boys chairs so far.  They are all completely different yet have each served us with a different stage in our boys feeding.  Which different types of chairs have you tried and loved and/or hated?

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