Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Prep

This year Easter seemed to sneak up on us!  Usually I spend weeks preparing decorations but this year I pulled it all together the week before.  We did our standard patio door sticker decorations and hung some Easter signs outside.  I absolutely loved our Easter tree last year but didn't want to do the same thing again so I switched it up a little.  I just bought decorations from Walmart and the dollar store and glued them on to some branches that Jason cut for me.  I placed them in the foam for artificial flower arrangements to hold it firm.  It was quick and simple and I loved how it turned out again!

We decorated our eggs again.  People keep asking me about our egg decorating.  To be honest the boys do 99% of it.  I prepare the colours and I let them do the rest.  I supervise and make sure they take turns and don't go silly around the dye but this is the third year it has worked out great.  I don't blow out the egg yolks and I don't hard boil the eggs.  We just take them right out of the carton and die them and use them only as decorations.  They have lasted 1-2 weeks out in our house without smelling at all.  I don't want to jinx myself but we haven't even brocken any while decorating.  This year we added some animal themed stickers from a egg decorating package to them.

We hosted Easter breakfast at our house this year and it turned out great!  We prepared a special "Easter breakfast" ( a casserole type thing with the eggs, onions, peppers, bacon hash browns, cheese etc) all together.  I also made Maple Cinnamon roles.  We had Easter cookies, carrot muffins and of course devilled eggs to serve as well.  I don't use pinterest often but when I do I always find neat things that I try right away.  This year was the chick shaped devilled eggs.  The turned out great and tasted delicious!

I love setting the table for a special gathering.  This year I found a youtube video on how to make napkins look like bunnies.  I have no idea who has time to make youtube video's of this stuff but to the person who made that one.... I am thankful!

Hmm after writing this post I'm a little excited to host another gathering......off I go to research some more neat ideas!!

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