Wednesday, April 4, 2012

St Patrick's Day Craft

Well I have no idea how the month of March seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye!  I swear it just started.  Even though the time has flown, I don’t want to forget some of the things that have made this month memorable for us.

St. Patrick ’s Day was on a Saturday this year.  At first I was a little disappointed that the boys wouldn’t be at school to celebrate but then I realized we would get to do activities all day long as a family.

The day started out with green eggs.  The boys cracked the eggs (yes I still cringe at the thought of all the mess that occurs but they are actually learning how to do it and enjoy helping so that is what counts right?). 

 Jason and I wore our hats we had bought for a St Patty’s day we celebrated in Ireland (pre-kids hahaha).  The boys loved them so much they wanted to make their own st Patrick’s Day hats so later that day we made them some.

We painted rainbows, talked about leprechauns, talked about chasing rainbows and about clovers.  We talked about Ireland and all the pretty sights there.  We talked about Saint Patrick himself.  It was fun just learning new things all together.  It’s amazing how you can incorporate lessons into anything with kids.  To them painting rainbows was just a fun craft, to me it gave me a chance to first teach/go over the colours of the rainbows with them, talk about how secondary colours are made and see firsthand colour mixing. 

That morning we went as a family to the maple syrup shack sporting our green attire of course.

We took our annual st Patrick ’s Day picture.  The boys thought it was hilarious to see the pose from when they were really little.  I can’t believe how quickly they are growing!!

Mathew and I finished our evening by visiting my grandmother in the hospital.  He wore his hat he had made and brought paper and markers to draw her St Patrick ’s Day pictures and hang them on her board.

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