Monday, April 23, 2012


This year we actually had fantastic weather for the entire Easter weekend.  It was great to be able to enjoy the nice outdoor weather, especially since the boys got new bikes for Easter.  Our boys love everything outdoors and bikes may be very close to the top of their favorite list.  The photos below show just how much they enjoy their new bikes.



I can actually say I wouldn't have changed a thing about our Easter weekend.  We hosted Easter breakfast this year at our home.  The boys got up nice and early so it worked out perfect.

 The Easter bunny was so organized this year!!  He even color co-ordinated the eggs for each child. 
He left a note for each of them telling them what color of eggs were designated for them.  This worked out better then the Easter bunny could have ever thought!  They weren't fighting and racing each other to each egg, they were actually working as a team and would yell to the other if they found one of their eggs!

The boys were super excited with their Easter bunny loot this year.  School books, sticker, chocolate and of course more outdoor toys! 

 Mathew finding his "jackpot" egg.  Each of the boys had one giant egg.  Inside was a playmobil person with accessories ie. canon, boat etc
 Running like crazy searching for their eggs.

 Scoping out their loot. It was fun to watch them get so excited over every little thing. "Look Zackie I got a super de dooper super ball"

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