Thursday, April 12, 2012

Base Easter Egg Hunt

Being a military family we like to try and participate in activities that are run at the bases we are posted to.  A week before Easter the base hosted their annual Easter egg hunt.  We used to participate in this yearly when we live in Germany but have only been to it one other time here in North Bay.  Last year it was sooo cold and windy that we could barely last the 5 minutes outside.  This year it was still cold but the sun was out so we were actually able to enjoy the beautiful weather a bit. 
The outing started out with the opportunity to meet the Easter bunny.  The boys thought that was so much fun especially since this Easter bunny liked to give high fives and act silly.

They bring all the kids to the back yard of the building and explain the rules.  Every child is to pick three eggs.  The boys made their plans on which eggs they were going to pick.  They discussed which colours they would pick.  Zach concocted the plan that he would run to the eggs right beside the furthest tree.

Then they announce on your marks, get set, go!  All the kids are off and all their plans that they had decided on were down the tubes.  It was so funny, neither one got the colours or locations they had though about.  Mathew said here really wanted to get the far egg but there was this pink one that kept shinning in his eye so he took that one instead hahaha!

This year was a different experience for Jason and I because we didn't have to help the boys get their eggs at all.  They waited in line, listened to the directions and ran and got their eggs all on their own and then ran back to show us their loot.

After you collect your eggs you go inside and they open them up and give you three prizes.  Zachary ended up with all chocolate and Mathew received three tiny toys.  It was really cute to see the boys in the car with their loot.  Zachary volunteered to share his chocolate and Mathew said the bunny must have made a mistake so he opened up his pack of 4 wooden coloring eggs and gave 2 to Zach.  He claimed that it would not be fun to do if Zach didn't have any!  Ahhh sweet boys!

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