Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Simple Fun

What I really enjoy about every holiday now is how into it the boys get helping with decorations, baking and preparations.  I have realized that there are some really simple crafts that the boys absolutely love doing ....and that do not cost much to do.  This year we made Halloween spiders.  Everything was purchased at the dollar store so it only cost us 3 dollars total for the entire craft (and there are still supplies left over). 

We took foam balls and painted them black.

We left them dry overnight but a few hours would have sufficed.  To dry we placed them in Styrofoam cups so they wouldn't roll all over :)

The next day we took pipe cleaners and cut them in half to make it the length we wanted for legs.  The boys then counted out 8 pipe cleaners for each spider (we practiced counting and colour patterns during this)

The boys then bent the pipe cleaners in any way they wanted and then decided on the colour order for their spiders legs.  I used the glue gun to glue them on.

Then we added the googlie eyes.

Next with our spiders......they marched in lines....walked on our arms....played itsy bitsy spider etc.


We then decided to hang the spiders up on a line.  We have been doing this lately for items and it's so easy and the boys love seeing their crafts.  For the spiders we just hung fishing line from two picture frame hooks that we already had on the walls.  Yay for not damaging the house and double yeah for having their crafts as part of our house decorations :)

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