Thursday, November 3, 2011

Practicing our names

Something we did for St Patricks day that they loved was to cut out shamrocks and print each letter of their name on one.  It was so quick and easy and they thought the game was so much fun to try and get them back into the right order.

The boys now know how to write their name and which order all the letters go in.  At school they are often writing their names but one of the things the teachers recommend is practicing their names.  They will write their name on anything we give them but I hate making them sit there and repeatedly write it.  Sooooo.....we have decided to incorporate name practicing into other crafts.  We bought these little foam pumpkins at the dollar store and we decorated all 20 of them :)  The boys would draw whatever pumpkin face they wanted on the front of the pumpkin and then write their name on the back.  We hung them up on the chair rail and the boys love running over to identify their pumpkins and their names on the back of them.

Does anyone have any other quick neat ideas for practicing name writing?

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