Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nashville...the home of country music.

Finally I've had a little bit of free time to work on some more posts from the summer. 

Next stop....Nashville......We were quite excited to get there :)

If you want to understand where country music comes from, you need to see downtown Nashville.  The honky tonk district is packed full of restaurants with musicians playing in each one.  Literally it’s like hundreds of country stars coming through the windows as you walk down the street. 

In order to be able to truly get as much background and information on a city that is new to us, Jason and I like to do the tours. 
 I find that you get some of the history, you find out and see the most notable sites in the city and you get a taste of what the city is really like.  We hopped on a little red trolly in Nashville to learn about some of the sites.  I was surprised there was so much to see.  The boys were super excited to get on and behaved fantastic for the 1.5 hours tour (especially Mathew because he slept 1.25 hours of it hahaha). 

We stopped by the tourist centre and had a great time trying out the instruments!

We enjoyed a quick lunch at BB King's.

We stayed up way past bedtime......but had a great time!
And you can't go to Nashville without getting a pair of cowboy boots.....or two in our case!

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