Thursday, November 10, 2011

Birthday Party

Eek I started this post weeks ago and I am finally getting back to it!  The boys birthday was almost a month ago now.....where did the month go? Have we really had 4 year olds for a month already??  I had wrote the post about birthday preparations but I can't explain just how great the actual party turned out.  I will admit I was a bit scared to have 16 4-5 year olds in my house at once with limited parental supervision....and yet they surprised me.  They listened sooo good.  They sat in a circle "criss cross applesause" while we watched the animals, they were patient and waited their turns to touch the animals, they all waited in line while we washed their hands before eating and they all sat like angels at the table for food and cake.  When the parents started to arrive they actually started to get a little crazy on me. 

Look at all the little angels sitting so good in a circle!! Ahh!!

All the kids went crazy over the animals.  There were snakes, lizards, frogs, rabbits etc.  They brought the animals out one at a time, talked about them, told the kids (and parents for that matter) some new facts about the animals and then anyone who wanted could touch and/or hold the animals.  I was shocked that it was the teeniest little girls who volunteered first to hold the gigantic snakes hahahaha.


Absolutely love this picture....especially since his mommy warned me before she left that he doesn't like any snakes or bugs etc.. He jumped up...volunteered and had a great time :)

Here is a picture of the fattest frog I have ever seen.  It made the kids laugh hysterically.  It was so cute to hear the entire basement filled with so much laughter!  Every time he hopped they laughed like maniacs! 

We also touched this tree frog.  He could actually grip on to your arm.  His feet were slimmy and it felt weird but it was neat.

The biggest hit for all the kids were the bunnies though.  When they came out Zach and Mattie quickly volunteered to be the first to hold them.

The whoopie cushions were also a hit.  I hope all the parents enjoyed them hahahaha :)


My babies are 4.....I still can't believe it.  We are now into school life, new friends, new social activities.  Some days it seems like they are so old and then every once in awhile you still realize how tiny they are when they hop up on your lap for a cuddle!

Happy Birthday to my not so baby boys!

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