Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween preparations this year were tonnes of fun with two four year olds.  At school they have been learning many halloween poems and songs so it was nice to add to that at home.  I will write a separate post about the songs and poems but this one will be quick about the actual halloween evening.  The boys finally understood the concept of halloween and were excited for the first time before it even occured.  They kept talking about how many houses they wanted to go to.....the final huge number that they came up with was 15.....because apparently 15 is a huge number in a four year olds world??!!???  They made sure that they both chose runnning shoes because they decided that was the best way to run really really fast and not get tired (hahaha good foresight for a 4 year old too I might add hahahaha).  Well halloween turned out to be more fun then we could have imagined.  Our two little dinosaurs took of running from house to house with their loud screams of laughter following them :) 

It brought back great memories of being a kid and just running on halloween evening having a great time....just carefree fun :)

Lighting our jack-o-lanterns to get ready for our trick or treaters!

So excited for halloween to finally get here! 
They loved our halloween pirate ship!

I hope when they see these pictures when they are older it reminds them of all the excitement and happiness they experienced!

Our two dinosaurs! 

They were happy to do some trick or treating with some of their good friends!

After many houses of trick or treating.  They were looking for the witches in the air.  Zachary was quite dissapointed that no witches flew over.  I personally would have been scared to death if we had actually seen a flying witch.

After we were done trick or treating the boys had a blast giving out candy.

And who doesn't love spreading out all the candy at the end of the night and checking out the loot!!

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