Monday, November 14, 2011

PD day

Two friday's ago, I took a day off of work to spend the PD day home with the boys.  Boy did the three of us have fun just hanging out.  We played board games until we were laughing so hard that we couldn't breathe.  We made an obstacle course in the basement, made a tent in their bunk beds and drew shapes on each other's cheeks with face paint.  The only downfall about the day......when the boys started climbing on the couch with face paint on...... :(  face paint on the cushions.....and yet lucky for me the covers just came off and I threw them through the wash.....and 1.5 hours later the couch was a little cleaner and we were still laughing about the triangle that jumped off Zach's face onto the couch!  Looking forward to our next PD day my boys!

Hahaha the second picture I couldnt' resist taking.  After they painted each other's faces they wanted to paint mine.....and I let them.....this is the view you have with two four year olds about to start painting your face :)

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