Thursday, September 22, 2011


Some friends have been asking me how we organize things when we go on vacation.  Jason and I are actually rediculously fast packers.  Probably withing half hour we can have our entire family packed and ready for just about any vacation.  Our secret.....lists and organization.  As the twins get older the amount of actual stuff we need to bring has actually significantly decreased.  We don't need booster seats, bottles, play pens etc.  I always keep an up to date list of things we don't want to forget when we are going on vacation ie. sunscreen, special blankies, pea pods, bag of toys, floaters for swimming etc.  Then it's just a matter of quickly gathering everything on the list.  Another thing that takes longer when packing but makes the entire vacation soooo easy is my zip lock bags.  Every bag consists of a complete outfit for each of the boys ie each bag contains two shirts, two pairs of shorts, two pairs of socks and two pairs of undies (same in winter just winter clothes instead).  This has been a lifesaver for us.  When we get to a hotel that we won't be staying at for a long time we just grab the right amount of ziplocks out of the truck instead of the entire suitcase.  Jason love's only carrying one backpack into the hotels for all four of us instead of 4 suitcases :)  Another great feature is that during the vacation you still know that the rest of the outfits will still match and there is no thought every morning about what to wear.  Everything is ziplocked and easily accessible.  Do you have any packing tips?

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  1. do you teach a course in this? lol. I always leave the house with a last check of my purse and saying "if I forgot anything, I have my wallet"