Thursday, September 8, 2011

Next stop, Louisville!

Next stop, Louisville.  Odd tidbit of information before I start into our adventure there.....they pronounce it Lewa-vul.  Here we toured the baseball bat factory. 

This was a quick stop for us but turned out to be great.  We toured the factory and our guide was soo funny and kept all of us interested.  We learned the history of the baseball bats and how they were named after a baseball player who’s nick name was the Louisville Slugger. 

You get to try out the different bats and learn about all the Major league baseball regulations for size, colour etc.  I was shocked at how much fun the tour was. 

The boys got custom baseball bats with their names on them so they were over the moon.  I was happy to get to try out their pink breast cancer bat.  The pro’s are given two pink baseball bats once a year on mother’s day in order to support breast cancer.  They use the bats during the game and they are to donate one bat that will be auctioned off (proceeds going to the breast cancer foundation) and the other they are to give to their mom (awe J ).

Yes the bat outside is that big....with Jason and the boys in front of it you can use their size for comparison.  Crazy!

One more adventure.....a lot of un-anticipated fun!

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