Monday, September 5, 2011


We decided to detour by Indianapolis because first off neither Jason nor I had been there and secondly because doing some research about top attractions to take kids to in the US it has the world’s largest children’s museum.  Jason and I enjoyed it as much as the kids but wow is all I can say.

  It is a four story building jam packed with millions of kid oriented learning centres.  The boys were in heaven. 

There was a planetarium were we sat back and watched Big Bird and Elmo talk to us about all the stars, the moon and the sun.  There were numerous shows throughout the day geared to different age groups and this one was fantastic for our family.  The boys still talk about the North Star and the big dipper (thank you big bird J ). 

Dinosaurs, dinosaur’s dinosaur's.  For anyone who has read past posts on my blog you know that my boys have a fascination with dinosaurs. 
We saw dinosaur bones,
 pretended to be palaeontologists,

felt dinosaur bones, read about dinosaurs....

did everything I think you can possibly do with the topic of dinosaurs.  

I will say we didn’t get to spend nearly as long as we could have in each exhibit because of the sheer size of the building.  I wish we had something like this closer because we could have gone every single weekend and did something completely different!
Mathew putting his can goods on the scale at a market in the museum!
Riding a sphinx of course!

Zachary measuring the ingredients to make some egyptian tea!
We read in our trusty book that Indianapolis prides itself on being the most walk able city in the US.  Let’s just say it doesn’t disappoint we spent the evening walking the downtown area and taking pictures and enjoying all the statues and picturesque sites. 

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  1. Wow- that museum looks awesome! We have a membership to our local science centre and our preschooler loves it.
    Thanks for sharing your trip!