Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Man Vs. Food

I must admit that many evenings after Jason and I put the boys to bed you can find us cuddled on the couch watching ....Man vs. food.  For anyone who has not seen it yet it’s about this guy who travels throughout the US and competes in crazy challenges that involve eating way too much food or things that are crazy hot.  He also makes recommendations about restaurants who have what he considers the best food in different cities.  So in Indianapolis we packed up our little fam and  headed out to Edward’s drive in. 

 You  can actually drive up and have the waitresses serve you in your car or go into the diner that is decorated like an old time diner including music from the jukebox. 

The kid’s fries came in a box shaped as a car. 

I think they enjoyed playing with the car as much as they liked the meal. 
We ordered the porkloin sandwiches because that is what this restaurant is known for.  It was quite tasty but the shear size of the sandwiches was enough to make us laugh until we almost cried.  They make their own root beer and I will say the sandwich was good ....but the root beer....I have never had anything quite that good to drink!

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