Saturday, September 24, 2011


"Life is nothing without friendship." Marcus Tullius Cicero
We all make friends throughout out live that seem to leave listening footprints in our hearts. We first met the McEnaney’s when we were both expecting our sets of twin boys.  That’s right....we both have set’s of twin boys who were born three months apart.  Tara and I spent many hours and days of the infant stage looking after all 4 boys while enjoying a glass of coffee and even better.....a friend to talk about the baby twin stage with.  All four of our boys were literally each other’s first friends.  During this year's summer vacation we had the pleasure of being welcomed into their house for a visit.  It was absolutely fantastic.  The boys (who had not seen each other since Europe) played together wonderfully and literally laughed like crazy.  They played trains, dinosaurs, cars and just about every other boy game they could think up.  Their twins taught our boys how to catch crabs.  It was the first time that our boys have actually had a sleep over sharing a room with other kids and it worked out fantastic.  It’s  crazy to see how similar these four boys really are.  Of course Jason and I enjoyed the laughs and chats with Tara and Jon after the boys had gone to bed.  We had an absolutely gorgeous beach day filled with laughs, giggles, catching fish(well trying to anyways....the closest we got was when the fish were nibbling on our toes), sandcastles and just plain fun.  My favourite memory of the visit was the boys reading together.  They were all cuddled up taking turns “reading” books to each other. 

Since the boys were little we always took the “couch” picture as we called it.  We would always squish them all together and take a picture of all four.  During the infant stage we had to prop the ones who couldn’t sit yet against the ones who could......then we had to make sure that no one tried to squirm off the couch on us....then there was the stage when they kept walking away......but this one was easy peasie.....


Thanks guys for having us.....we will truly miss you ....until we see each other again!

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  1. Great photos! Brings back lots of wonderful memories and really shows just how much our boys have grown! Thanks for the visit and so glad you all enjoyed it so much!