Friday, September 9, 2011

I couldn't believe my eyes!

I admit that this next post is going to sound very geeky....but well I guess I’m a geek!! The boys and I were out shopping one day during our vacation when we came across Border’s book store.  To my Canadian friends it’s the same thing as chapters.  Hmm should I go in for a book?  We strolled closer and I spotted their going out of business sign.  Oh well I guess there will only be the books that have been picked over left my great pleasure NO.....the entire store was still stocked and there were tonnes of books in all the books...parenting books...children’s sellers.....ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!  I was in heaven.  They were all 40-70% off and I left with a huge huge bag of books!  Jason the boys and I all got some and I am as happy as can be that I have a stock (that I am sure I will still occasionally add to) of my next reads sitting on my bedside table!

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