Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thank you Mr Sunshine!

Saturday was the first day that I was able to just sit outside for a few hours and enjoy it finally being spring.  That’s right the snow is FINALLY gone and we had an entire day without rain!  Woohoo!  Mathew of course had the flu but he stayed inside an napped on the couch while Jason and my dad worked on our downstairs bathroom.  Zach and I were able to join my mom for a nice walk up to the corner grocery store.  It had a grand re-opening this weekend.  I am so excited and realize how little things really do brighten your day.  The new Freshco has a great produce section.  I love it.  It’s walking distance so I can just take the boys in the stroller to pick up quick fruits, veggies and bread/buns.  There had always been a grocery store there but he produce section was always horrible so we often made the trips to the further grocery stores.  Here’s to our first picnic outside and a summer filled with great barbecued veggies!

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