Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Well even though the boys think dandelions are flowers I would prefer for them not to be in our yard.  I know this may sounds weird but I actually find it relaxing pulling the dandelions and weeds.  The boys love to just have outdoor play time, so I can just sit and pull weeds while they play in the yard.  It's the perfect compromise.  I'm close and present and yet not intruding on their play.  That's a new milestone lately for them, before they always wanted us playing or participating with them, now they enjoy their playtime together or just on their own.  So let's get rid of these dandelions so we can enjoy our real flowers!  Perhaps I am enjoy it so much because all I hear is them laughing while I work :)  Here's a little video of them playing dodge ball or the like last week while I pulled dandelions :)  Doesn't seem like a game I would enjoy but for some reason they love it.....so who am I to say it's not fun hahaha

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  1. Oh and after you have watched the video you can see why I would never recommend a trampoline without the netting for my boys !! hahaha