Sunday, May 15, 2011

An all girl party!

 Living in a house where I am the only girl means there are a lot of “boy” stuff always going on.  Not this past Saturday!!  I am going to be the matron of honour in my sisters upcoming wedding so this weekend I hosted the wedding shower!  I worked extremely hard to try and add little touch’s to everything to make it a nice memorable afternoon.  My sister’s wedding colour is lipstick so I tried my hardest to incorporate pink into the decorations.  I will say that I absolutely had a great time getting this party ready. 

It was the first time I have ever attempted a fondant icing cake.  It turned out better then expected but still lot’s of room for improvement! 

I think my punch and the punch glasses were my favourite decorations.  I decorated the stems with a pink ribbon and died the sugar pink.  I then found a recipe for pink punch that turned out great. 


It was exactly as I had envisioned.  I had a great time with the games and spent the whole time laughing.  To me, that’s a success in my books! 

Can't wait for the wedding now!

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