Monday, May 16, 2011

Hmm what’s that I see?

A new restaurant opened up near my work and it reminds me of the type of restaurant Jason and I used to go to pre kids.  It has a garage door that opens up when the weather is warm so you are eating French cuisine outside.  Hmm should put that on my list of places to visit.....and that’s when I realized that maybe we have become stuck in a restaurant rut!  We don’t actually go to restaurants often but I have decided that from now on when we do get the chance to go out we should become a little more adventurous again and try a new one as often as we can!  So here’s to a few new culinary experiences this summer, hopefully some wine during those experiences and a few more date or adult nights out!  Bring on the summer!

Can't help but add a few more pics of my mother's day flowers....cause they make me soo happy!

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