Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Learning about Politics

Last night after gymnastics class we took the boys with us to vote.  As we were getting in the car at gymnastics we started telling the boys about how we were going to vote.  Jason took this as a learning opportunity and started telling the boys the importance of having a government.  We went on to tell them that we are lucky in this country to be able to choose our leader.  Jason kept going on about the different parties and trying to describe to them the entire process.  The conversation took us the entire drive to our voting location.  The boys seemed involved and to be understanding what we were saying.  We then pulled in and as Jason was getting Mathew out of the car Mattie exclaims...."Oh no! We forgot our fishing roads".  Jason and I both looked at each other puzzled.....so I dared to ask...Mattie why would we need fishing rods?  He then looked at me like I was crazy "because you said we were going to the boat".....hahaha no to vote silly :)  Lesson Fail!  hahaha

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