Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Minivan Express

Today we set out to do our errands as a family of 7!  Up to now it was either Jason or I with a few of the kids out or Jason and I with the three babies out but never before all in the van at the same time!  The big boys were off today and we wanted to do a few errands so we loaded everyone up in the van and set out!  We went to Sports Authority and Costco and got everything we needed!!  No tears....no meltdowns....no screaming .....and everything on our list!  Phew! Success in my books!

 This is the first time that we haven't  had to buy a new vehicle to fit the new baby (babies).  When the twins were born we bought a Honda pilot, when Josh was born we purchased the Honda Odyssey....and thank goodness we still all fit :)

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