Thursday, February 12, 2015

Funny things to growing up in Alaska

Every evening at the dinner table we ask the boys what their favorite thing at school was.  One of their answers last week lead into talking about the principal at their school.  She's always super friendly and the boys like her.  Our dinner conversation went on to talk about her getting new sliders for the school kids to use. The boys then went on to talk about other jobs she does.

Jason:  She seems really nice and she must be really busy. You haven't had to go see her because you were bad or anything have you?

Mathew:  Why would you have to go see her if you are bad?

Jason:  Oh because that's what happens sometimes if you misbehave.

Mathew:  I don't think so dad.   You can't misbehave at school and if you do you can't see the principal she is really busy!  She has to stand in the hall and say good morning to everyone.She has to ring the bell to make school start.She has to ring the fire alarm if we have fire drill.Oh and she needs to always protect the kids and make sure we are safe!

Jason:  That sounds busy.  What else do you think she does?

Mathew:  She doesn't have time for anything else. She has to watch out over the school yard to make sure no moose come.  If a moose comes it can be really dangerous and you can't go near them and she tells us we can't go for recess. Kids may not notice a moose at recess because they are so busy having fun so she watches all day for moose. She has to protect the kids.  So kids can't misbehave at school dad because she is busy!

Jason and I couldn't stop laughing. I guess through the eyes of a kid growing up in Alaska, watching for moose is an important job. 

On a side note....phew they hadn't been to the principals office for misbehavior hahaha


  1. lol in the eyes of a child. Time to ask those older boys what they think mommy does all day at home LOL

  2. He is so expressive and cute��