Friday, February 6, 2015

Hockey....with a twist

Well the girls are still kinda young/small to attend their older brothers hockey games, so for the past few weeks I have been staying home with them (and usually Josh also).  This past weekend they had a game that started at 9 am and honestly I didn't want to go through the trouble of getting everyone out the door by that time on a Saturday.  Jason usually takes pictures and the boys tell me all about the new skills they are learning/practicing.  Sometimes it's just nice to see them during a game.  So this weekend Jason took them to their game and we decided to try something new......we skyped with each other so I could watch their hockey game!  With Emma in the moby wrap on me, Joshua on his little chair beside me and Sarah sleeping in the bouncy chair beside us we sat and watched each of the boys score 4 goals.  We hooted and hollered and cheered like we were there and I got to enjoy my morning coffee.  So Jason may have looked like a crazy man talking to himself while he held the phone in front of him for us to see.....but it sure was nice for all of us to enjoy!

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