Sunday, February 15, 2015

Being the little Brother

It's great to see the dynamics between the big boys and Joshua.  They all love each other to death and from the minute they get home until the minute that Joshua goes to bed Joshua follows/adores his big brothers.  Sometimes the three of them play all together and sometimes the bigger boys take turns playing with him.  They are so sweet with him and teach him things (I'm sure some good and some bad).  He runs around calling for them (Zaaaaacckkkiee and Maaaafew). 

One thing that I never expected was that the older boys actually make an effort to include him in things they do.  When things get quiet in the house you can usually find Josh cuddled up in one of their beds being read to, cuddling against them on the couch or just plain siting beside the older boys watching what they are doing.  Last week they taught him how to use the whoopee cushion.  Oh boy the whoopee cushion has made another appearance at our house because they all think it's hilarious when Joshua sits on it and says in his baby voice "scuze you".  Just thinking of the three of them laughing hysterically about it makes me smile while I write this.  They have given him his own beyblade so that he can battle with them......the three of them laugh like hyenas when they all pile into Joshua's little ball tent. 

It's great to see the relationship develop between the three of them and you can truly see the nurturing role that the older boys play with little Joshua.

I can't help but laugh because I come across scenes likes the one in the picture so many times per day.  The older boys teaching him things. In this case as the book title demonstrates, how to be awesome.  I mean what 2 year old doesn't need to know how to be awesome? :)

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