Wednesday, September 26, 2012

School Open House

Last wednesday was the open house at the boys school.  They had been there already 1.5 weeks this year so it was nice to be able to see everything they had been telling me about.  They excitedly showed me their lockers, their desks, their spots on the carpet and all their work stations.  I got to meet their teacher (who they absolutely love) and was told they are both doing great this year phewff!  It was so cute for them to show me all the little work stations they work at each day.  We will definately make sure to start saving our recyclable materials for the craft station because all the kids are sooo excited about that one.  There was also a book fair in the library.  I must admit I loved the book fairs growing up and I am just as excited as the kids to let them look through all the books and decide which one they think they will like the best.  The boys thought it was hysterically funny that they can go in the boys bathroom at school now by themselves and I have to wait outside for them hahahaha  BOYS!!!

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