Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Last week the two boys had their turn with the "me" bag from school.  This is like the old fashion show and tell that we used to do in school but you have to bring 5 items.  It was nice to get one on one time with each of them to do something special just for them and help them pick out things they wanted to share with their class.

Zachary was first.  He takes soooo long to make a decision on anything so I tried my best not to rush rush his choices.  It took us almost 30 minutes to finally narrow it down to five items (the original was composed of about 50 items).

In Zach's me bag he put captain America, a monster truck, a transformer, his special baby dog and his stuffed Mario.  He did a presentation where he practiced what he would say in front of the class and man did he talk FOREVER about each of the items.  I.e.  He chose stuffed Mario because he and his brother love to play Mario and Luigi.  They play it on the wii and he is asking for a Nintendo DS for his birthday or christmas.  Mario can run and jump and hit his head on blocks etc.  Wow that boy sure has the gift of gab! 

Mathew had the "me" bag the following evening.  He made all his decisions in about 5 minutes and he raced around the house because he already knew what he wanted before he started to look for the items.  He decided on a Zamboni, a red hot wheels truck, his special stone from Afghanistan, a picture of Zach, Jason and him fishing and his stuffed Luigi.  When he presented to us he gave super short sentences so I told him to elaborate a bit more on each one.  Once he got into it he understood what I meant.  It was neat to see how different the items he chose were from Zachary's.  Zach's were all things he likes to play with but Mathew chose all things that had meaning behind them ie. he chose the Zamboni because he likes to play hockey, he chose the stone from Afghanistan because it's a special stone and every time you miss your family or friends you just rub it. 

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