Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bicycle Riding

Well a few weeks ago we finally had a few evenings that we were just home with no plans.  The boys decided that that was the day they wanted to ride two wheelers, so we loaded them up and went to a nearby park where they could practice on a softer surface.  To my amazement Zach took Jason stepping less then two feet beside him to take off and ride.....wth!!  For two weeks I had told him I wouldn't let him ride a two wheeler because I wasn't able to run and keep up with it right now and it only took him two steps!!  Mathew on the other hand was very fearful of falling....he did a few tries and then happily hoped on the other bike that still had training wheels and rode that.  The next night Mathew actually went around the entire circle on the two wheeler as long as Jason jogged beside him. 

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