Monday, September 17, 2012

Hmm...daddy said what

This was the conversation in the car last thursday as I drove the boys to school:

Me:  Are you guys excited to see your friends today?
Zachary:  Yeah and we get to eat in the gym at the big tables again
Mathew:  I eat beside K***** (a girl who's party he went to last year)
Me:  Oh that's nice. 
Mathew:  Yeah she helped me open my fruit cup yesterday.
Me:  Oh, you don't know how to open it?
Mathew:  Yeah I do but she wanted to open it so she could have a bite
Me:  Oh buddy you aren't supposed to share food at school remember
Mathew:  I told her that but she didn't have one, and she wants to start being my girlfriend
Me: oh
Mathew:  Yeah but I have lot's of girlfriends
Me:  Well that's okay, girls are fun to play with too
Mathew:  Yeah but Daddy told me not to get too many girlfriends because girls get crazy when they get older
Me:  Daddy told you that did he hahahaha Oie!

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