Friday, September 7, 2012

Feeling the Baby

The boys are ecstatic about the fact that we are going to have another baby.  They talk about it almost daily.  I think they will be quite dissapointed when he actually arrives and is not able to play soccer and games with them.  We have explained that when babies are small they only drink milk, cry and sleep.  The boys still seem excited about this. Zach is proud that he will be able to put the soother in the baby's mouth and Mathew looks forward to turning on the bouncing chairs and swings for him. 

The baby has started kicking much harder laterly.  While camping on the weekend, I was lying in Mathew's bed reading him a story when the baby kicked my stomach where Mathew was lying.  He asked what that was that he felt.  I explained that it was just the baby kicking.....a look of fear crossed his face and he ran to the living area to tell Jason to "come quick because that baby is trying to escape already".  Hahaha we explained the baby was just stretching his legs but Mathew still seems apprehensinve about the whole thing.

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