Tuesday, August 21, 2012

School is sneaking up on us again

As most of you know I'm a huge planner.  I plan things months in advance and like to have everything organized and as ready to go as I can.  I know it's only August but I also know that my husband will be travelling for work 5 of the 6 next weeks which means I will have to look after all activities for the boys.....sign ups.....preparations etc.  So last week Jason and I went out and bought the boys their school bags and lunch containers for next year.  We let each of the boys pick their own.  Mathew was quick to make a decision on a Mario one (it was a decision between mickey mouse, batman and mario for him), Zachary on the other hand took at least 15 minutes looking at all the bags and finally came to the decision that he too wanted a Mario just slightly different.  I started to get the school supplies off their list and started organizing what else we need (labels, backpack tags, what clothes, shoes hats etc) and that's when it hit me.....the boys are starting the second year of school.  How can this be?  Are they not still babies??  They are growing so fast it feels like if you blink you miss it sometimes.  I'm happy that they are excited to return to school, it's great to see how much they are learning and how many friends they have made.  So I will continue to organize things, purchase items and get ready but it seems like just yesterday I was still preparing the diaper bag with soothers, diapers and extra clothes!

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