Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Heaven for little boys.....medieval times

The boys have acquired a fascination for dragons, castles, knights etc within the last year.  Last year for their birthday their pepere bought them a large wooden castle and santa brought them tonnes to knights to go in it.  We were trying to come up with some neat ideas for vacations for the summer and we decided on taking the boys to medieval times.  They absolutely loved it.  You get to sit and eat an entire meal with your hands while you watch knights on horses put on a show for you that includes games and of course jousting.  The boys sat in awe during the entire 2ish hour show and Mathew ate more then I have ever seen him eat in his life.  They cheered for our yellow knight to win and boo'd for the "stinky blue knight".  It's a great outing for adults but man was it neat to see it with the boys!  We have had to have to have the conversation since about jousting in the house though....the new rule at our house is you are not allowed to joust until you are at least 20 and you are riding a horse hahaha!  They seem to agreed with that hahaha!

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