Sunday, August 19, 2012

Here fishy fishy fishy

A favorite after dinner activity while we are camping is going down to the dock to catch rock base and sunfish.  I think the boys may know way way more then I do about the names of different fish and tackle and lures.  I thought it was all kinda the same but nope they have informed me that's it's imperative to talk about your tackle in your tackle box almost daily, look at it as often as possible and drool over new tackle at the sure glad Jason likes looking at that stuff cause this momma can only spend so long in the tackle isle talking about tackle.  They have fishing hats, rods and their own tackle boxes.  Every night they get so excited to head down to the dock.  I think we might actually catch the same fish every night (because we release them) but they don't seem to care and yell and scream with joy every time.  It's cute to see....and very relaxing just sitting there in the quite enjoying the calmness of the lake.

Learning how to put the worm on

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