Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our New Summer Home

Jason and I have been searching for a new house for almost a year now.  We have the plans for our dream house but we have not been able to find a lot here in town that is suitable..  We have toured soooo many houses looking for the one that is perfect for us but have been unable to find it.  Don't get me wrong, we love our current house.....great neighborhood...good space...perfect family room with toy room beside for the boys but we were just looking for more space.  The hard part is that our current house is very well set up for having kids so when we are out looking for a new house it has to be almost perfect in order to be able to convince me to move from our current house.   Well the search continued forever it felt like and we never found "the one".  We were both getting frustrated with spending so much time looking at houses and not finding what we wanted so we went totally out in left field.........we decided that perhaps we should just wait until that perfect house comes along and stop searching....we will look again soon but we didn't want to waste all of our summer at open houses so we decided that we were going to buy a trailer and do a few family camping trips.  We went out that weekend to the dealerships and started looking at trailers.......and we decided to go for a bigger trailer that we can just leave in one spot and go to it whenever we want.  We are now the proud owners of a 40ft trailer that has two bedrooms, a full fridge, an outside kitchen, TV and built in DVD, full stove and of course air's definitely not roughing it but we have discovered that it was the perfect decision for our family.  We have already been out to it quite a bit and it has been absolutely fantastic family time.  Sometimes it's easy to get caught up with everything in our lives and forget to just sit down and share quality time as a family with little distraction.  I will definitely write up some more about our amazing adventures.  So we have not found our dream home yet but we still love our current home and the decision to buy a summer "home" has been fantastic for our family.  Sometimes the road takes you somewhere that you least expected and you realize this is perhaps the road you should have been on in the first place :)

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