Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Friday’s I get off at 2:30 so that is always a good time to sneak in an extra activity.  Last Friday Jason and I took the boys to Leisure Farms to go strawberry picking.  It had rained like crazy all day and the large black clouds in the sky were a little intimidating but we thought, what the heck let’s go check it out.  It started to thunder and lighting half way there but the boys were so excited we decided to press on and as a backup plan we would just stop at the chip stand.  The rain was just stopping as we pulled in and then....to our amazement....the sun came out!  Woohoo! 
I had started talking about strawberry picking with the boys on wednesday morning.  I had just got them dressed and said "hey boys do you guys want to come strawberry picking on friday?"......they seemed really indifferent but said "sure mom".  I then got their special agent oso show set up for them and went to shower (yeap I admit they watch 20 minutes of tv in the morning while I shower and get dressed for work ! ).  I came out of my room and the boys came running over shouting and all excited about strawberry picking....hmm why the change in excitement level....apparently special agent oso's show was about strawberry picking.  Perfect!  For anyone who has not seen Special Agent Oso he breaks every activity you could possibly do down into three easy steps.  They repeated a million times those three easy steps.
Step 1:  Turn
Step 2: Pull
Step 3: Put it in your basket.
Here's a movie of Mattie strawberry picking.....I know it's hard to hear but he's repeating the three easy steps to himself :)  I am sorry it's really quiet so you will have to turn up the volume.

Walking up to the building to get ready for the wagon.  We absolutely had a fantastic time and I can't say enough good things about this experience.  We have been to this farm for many different outings and the workers have always been extremely friendly and sooo nice.  They joke around with the kids and encourage everyone to taste and enjoy the berries while out in the fields. 

Aboard the wagon, getting ready to head out to the fields!  They were slightly excited :)

Busy Finding the perfect berries!

The boys sure do lot strawberries!  We have made some jams, smoothies, ice cream treats etc.

I have never seen someone eat as many berries as Zackie did that day.  We were there for twenty minutes and he only had 4 berries in his basket because he ate all the rest.  Every time we found a huge strawberry the boys would yell "Jackpot" and eat it :)

The farm also has more then just fields....it has Arnold the pig.  The boys had fun walking with him.  They couldn't believe the pig would just follow them and he snorted every time they pet him.

Teeter Totters.....I swear they were built for twins!
 These smiles say it all!  Another great local family outing!

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