Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Water Activity

The boys love of water is not confirned to games.  They love to wash cars too!  Last weekend the twins washed all the cars with Jason and Papa (grandpa).  They had a blast.  Swishing in the bucket......spraying the cars with the hose.....and "getting rid of all the dirts" as they say.  Again thank you summer for the nice weather to be able to do this.

Zach putting the soap on grandma's car!
Mathew making sure the mirrors are clean!

Having a blast!  The truck is super de-dooper clean from the twins arm-length down!

Just as important as washing the cars is making sure theis thomas bikes are super shiny!

Mathew washing his hotwheels cars!

Soap, Sponges and of course water!  Another great summer day!

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