Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Re-purposed toys!

I will admit the twins have lots of toys.  Knowing that we would be purchasing lot’s of baby/toddler things when they were born I usually do tonnes of research about their toys before I buy them.  I try to make sure it is something that they can grow with (i.e. The little people toys that they have played with for over three years!) or that you can learn different lessons (ie. The leap frog toys that go from colours, to letters, to numbers, to counting).  With that being said some toys we just buy because that’s what they are into at the time.  Two summers ago we purchased this water table.  It has a castle that set’s up in the middle and boats that float around in the moat area.  Two summers we used it frequently on our deck but this summer we decided to use it for something else.   The twins are soooo into cars hahahaha.  A new favourite is the cars that change colours in hot and then cold water. 

This table works perfect for that.  We fill one section with cold water, one with hot water and the boys go crazy! 

What toys do you have that you have been able to re-purpose?

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  1. I love it! We have used our water table as a rice table, soap painting station, sand table....who knows what else we will do with it!