Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A pit stop

This past weekend we were out of town for my sister’s wedding.  I will post more on that later when I actually have some pictures J  The only comment for now was that it was soo much fun, the entire thing from the rehearsal dinner to the getting ready… and we had a blast at the gift opening too.  We left early in the afternoon for our 4-5ish hour ride home and decided that it was such a beautiful day we would take a detour to Wasaga beach.  This meant smaller highways there but the scenery was fantastic and since the twins slept the ENTIRE time Jason and I had some great conversation and laughs.  We were only at the beach for a few hours but I cannot believe how much fun we had in that short time.  We waded in the water and made san castles and most of all……created some great family memories! 

Ahh it's always nice to kick up yours heals and relax!

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