Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Signs of a military family

I'm sure this happens in lot's of households where one of the parents travel often for work but it sure seems to happen often for military families. We are lucky right now, my husband is not deploying right now, he doesn't have any courses that last months and months on end right now! He actually is working a day job, but there are still the occasional times when he leaves for work. The boys and I have a slightly different schedule when he is gone so that we can get everything done with one less adult. One thing we have always done is take more pictures and movies when daddy is gone so we can send them to him. It makes the boys happy to think that daddy is getting to watch them right at the second :) What other type of things does your family do when one parent is away?

We had some great friends over on the Thursday. They too are military and I realized that perhaps our boys are still too young to realize that military friends have to leave way more often then we would like.....but that we will hopefully get to live in the same city as them again.  Last time we moved the twins were only 14 months old so they don't really know what it is to say goodbye to a lot of people yet.  Well....as Jason and I agree....we never say goodbye.....we know our paths with cross with many of these good friends again.  So hopefully we have time to get together with our good friends a few more times before they leave this weekend.  We sure will miss you guys!  On the bright side...we have tonnes of friends across the country, across the continent and even throughout the world.  We miss all you guys and hope to cross paths with all of those friends we haven't seen in awhile soon!

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  1. Aww bummer to hear your friends are moving, distance really isn't good for play dates. We use skype, and the phone a lot if we're not together. And now that we live in a cell phone paradise, I will send up to the minute update photo emails about 12 times a day haha.