Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ski Adventures

Jason and I used to love going on ski vacations together.  While living in Europe we spent many vacations travelling to the Swiss, German and Austrian Alps.  When the twins were about 2 months old my sister came over for a vacation and we all went on a ski vacation.  There were 4 adults and 2 infants so the adults took turns skiing or watching the babies J  Since then Jason and I haven’t actually gone out skiing.  Until three weeks ago....when the twins started ski lessons!  They love it.  I can’t believe how quickly they picked it up and they actually want to do some extra runs after their lessons are done.  So we drop them off for 1.5 hours and Jason and I get to ski together.  I will admit we sneak over every 15 -30 minutes to peak on them but we still enjoy skiing on our own.  It’s the best of both worlds J  Woohoo to being able to ski as a family! I see ski vacations in our future!! J
On a side note....my fraternal twins look so much alike with their ski equipment on that I can't tell them apart!

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