Friday, January 6, 2012

The Christmas Season was extra magical!

Wow I completely disappeared offline for awhile!  We did something different this year that I think we will do from now on.....we had the house completely decorated, and gifts all bought and wrapped by the beginning of December.  This left us the entire month to just enjoy the season.  We had more friends and family over than ever before and we got to participate in all Christmas get together's without feeling guilty about all the things we needed to get done at home.  At the beginning of December we sat down as a family and wrote our bucket list for this year’s winter season.  It was really fun to see what everyone in our family wanted to do this year and surprising too.  Mathew wanted to make cookies and deliver them to neighbours and Zachary wanted to get dressed up in a tie and go to church on Christmas Eve.  By writing down our list it gave us something to keep referring to over the holidays.
-          Gauthier Family Holiday List
-          Build a Santa’s workshop
-          Advent calendars
-          Watch three new Christmas movies
-          Make snow angels
-          Mail Christmas cards
-          Drink hot chocolate with marshmallows
-          Bake cookies
-          Let each of the boys look through the cookbook and pick any type of dessert they want  
           and bake it
-          Make gingerbread houses
-          Drive around listening to Christmas music looking at Christmas lights
-          Watch the parade of lights
-          Nightly Christmas books
-          Bring food to food bank
-          Buy someone a coffee
-          Write letters to Santa
-          Take picture with Santa
-          Kiss someone under the mistletoe
-          Make a snowman with hat and scarf
-          Family snowball fight
-          Make reindeer food
-          Deliver neighbours Christmas cookies
-          Make snowflakes out of paper
-          Make something to display our Christmas cards
-          Horse drawn sleigh ride
-          Donate clothes and food  to those less fortunate
-          Paint ornaments
-          Let the boys buy gifts for each other
-          Make cookies for friends and neighbours
-          Make something for everyone (Mathew writing)
-          Put cookies and milk out for Santa, carrot for Rudolph
-          Sing Christmas carols
-          Go to kids Christmas party
-          Go to church in our Christmas clothes

Now this list is a bit extensive but we actually accomplished most of it and the rest we have already made plans to do shortly.  This year it was all about us just enjoying our time together and creating great family memories.  We started some new family traditions that we will keep doing every year.


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