Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Eve Magic

This year it was great to see all the Christmas magic alive in the eyes of the boys.  We spent all month reading Christmas stories.  There are not many things that are actually magic in the world so Jason and I have agreed to make Christmas as magical for them as possible.  On Christmas eve we have family over after Christmas mass.  When we got home this year we sent the boys downstairs to show my sister some presents under the tree and when they got down there......Santa was sleeping on the couch!  The boys went crazy.....Santa woke up and thanked them for waking him....he would have hated to miss bringing the presents to all the kids.  The boys were awestruck.  It was the cutest thing ever....and definitely something our family will never forget.  Santa gave them each two presents and told them he would be back later that night when they were sleeping.  He told them to go upstairs so he could go up the chimney.  Thanks Santa for making our Christmas a little more magical!


  1. How fabulous an idea? Was it a friend who played Santa?

  2. No it was the real Santa :)