Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1st....Finally!

This year has flown by!  I can't believe it's almost christmas again......sad that another year has gone by but soo happy that our family was able to enjoy it to the fullest.....we sure made some great family memories this year!  Christmas will be no different.  We are going to enjoy every aspect of christmas this year. 
Shockingly most of our prep work is already done so we actually get to spend time enjoying the season.  Christmas has officially kicked off at our house.  Our trees (yeap we have two this year after my darling husband decided mid way through putting up the first tree that we needed a second one) are up and decorated.  We used to be particular about how the decorations looked, where we placed things and this year.....we said .....who cares.....the twins had an absolutely amazing time decorating the tree while I put the hooks on and Jason lifted them to the high branches.  They even decorated the upstairs tree that is more adult looking and it makes me smile everytime I see it remembering how much fun we had. 

We've already been to a christmas parade and the christmas walk and we can't wait to partake in tonnes more chirstmas celebrations.We are hoping to have lot's of friends and family over and make it a truly enjoyable season.  Tonight will be the first night we open one of our books to read that I had mentioned in a previous post.  Today was also the first day for our playmobil calendars.  Absolutely great thing for the kids.  Every day we open a box and get a part to a specific set.  When christmas arrives you have an entire little playset to play with.  The only thing about the playsets is that the ones we got came all in little bags and a million little pieces that Jason and I had to organize two nights before.....let's just say it took us about 45 minutes to get each one read (even though the directions said 15 minutes). 

So the backgrounds are now set up in their room right below the calendars.  As I was watching them open their first day spots I couldn't help but think how things like this teach them delayed gratification and how we have to wait patiently in order to able to get all the parts put together :)
The boys sure love to be outside in the snow....we are looking forward to many fun activities this winter but for now they are more then happy to just they are shoveling the deck while I started dinner :)
Tonight the four of us were all working on an official "Gauthier Family Christmas Bucket List" (more to come on a later post).  What activities are all your families doing this year to make great memories?

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