Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh no.....cold bug has landed!

The cold bug has landed at our house.  Last Christmas the cold bug had struck hard.  The boys both had bronchitis and we all had fevers.  Then on Christmas eve my ear drum ruptured from the infection......and I was out for most of Christmas.  So I was extremely happy to report that no one was sick at our house over the holidays this year.  We got to enjoy all of our time off instead of recuperating from illness.  We thought the cold bug had missed us this year......but it seems to have snuck into our house last night.  Mathew went to bed with a little cough and a tiny runny nose and woke up with a barking cough, sunken eyes, lethargic and the chills.  Poor little guy missed school today but doesn’t seem to be doing much better yet L  Zachary reassured him that he would let him know if they learned any new songs at school today.  I guess that’s another pro for having your twin in your class.  Let’s hope these cold germs only make a quick stop at our house and get out of here quick!!  Tonight the humidifier is going on and Lysol wipes are going to be cleaning the house!!

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