Sunday, February 5, 2012

Taking in a Hockey Game

The Royal Military College's hockey team came to town to play against the local Nipissing University Lakers this past weekend.  The Military Family Resource Centre had purchased tickets for military families to attend.  Our family had an absolute blast sitting in the crowd of fans dressed in red and military uniforms.  We filled up an entire section of the arena.  We discovered that little Mathew is a sports nut.  He watches the game intently and yells at the players.  He jumps and screams at plays and goals.  It's crazy....I didn't even know he really knew what they were doing but he was right into it.  Zachary on the other hand was more into entertaining the crowd.  Every time the music came on he was a dancing machine and doing moves I had never seen him do before....inclduing playing an air trumpet.  Where do they learn these things!! hahahaha  We stayed out way past their bedtime but they were so into it we didn't have the heart to leave before overtime was done.  We cheered, we laughed and we all had fun.  Perhaps we should attend the games more often!

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