Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Zen Place

Day two of the photo challenge:

My Zen place

We have all been in those classes or presentations where they tell you to close your eyes and picture your zen place.  Where the heck should I go?  What the heck does this even mean? Yet every time I actually sit and search through memories to find that place where everything was just at peace, I go back to our Mediterranean cruise.  The entire cruise was amazing but there is this one snippet of time that is my zen place to go to.  Our ship had stopped in Santorini Greece and friends had joined us for a donkey ride, scooter rides and then just a walk around.  It was breath taking but there is one particular part that always stands out for me.  We were sitting on one balcony that hung over the Med, enjoying our cappuccino's and a slice of cake with friends.  The weather was warn, the breeze was amazing, the white houses with their blue doors and roofs made the perfect backdrop.  The sun was shining down on us, the salt water was shimmering and I just remember this sense of calmness that came over me.  So this is my place that I escape to every time someone tells me to close my eyes and think of any place in the world I would like to go.  The funny part was between the four of us on that balcony, we had not found a bank machine yet on the island so we had like 10 euros to share. We each could only get one cappuccino and we shared a piece of cake.  It reminds me that a lot of money is not required to just enjoy a moment.  Those laughs and that sensation will be in my memory forever.

This is the spot.  Until I did this challenge and actually went back through some photo's looking for Santorini, I didn't even know I had this picture.  I have a picture of my actual favorite spot in the world.  On a side note, I was shocked when I found this picture because I know that sometimes our memory plays tricks on us and we remember things slightly different then they were.  Sometimes that's reality but not this time.  In my memory this spot looked exactly like this picture!

I would love to hear of all of your "go to" places ?

One day I want to go back with all the kids and actually stay on this island for awhile!

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  1. For me i just imagine a botanical garden. Flowers all around and sun beating down on my face. Its funny because ive never been able afford to travel and ive never been to a garden but during the birth of my oldest child there was a picture of one torn out of a calender and stuck the wall of the old labour room (very very old hospital) and i imagined myself there, so hard that i actually felt the sun on my face. And thats how i made it through almost 2 days of labour. Since then thats my go to place. Someday i'd love to actually see one up close.