Monday, March 28, 2016

Dinning Room Table

A friend moved here last summer and she was mentioning to me that her dining room table was damaged in the move.  The table had been purchased in Europe so even though you can perhaps repair it, it can never be replaced.  Military families are used to this.  Throughout the moves things get broken, misplaced etc...  The hard part is when it is something that is sentimental and not easily replaced.

This got me thinking about our own dining room table.  We purchased it 10 years ago now when Jason and I were newly married.  We had moved to a house in Germany and had a dining area but only a kitchen table so that spot sat empty for a few months until we found the perfect table.  Pre-kids we had all the time in the world to scour furniture stores and check out all the markets.  At a little market in Belgium we saw our current table and it was exactly as we envisioned.  It is one big piece of wood that can sit 10 around it.  It doesn't have any leafs because it is so big to start.  It was so big that we had to get our friend with a truck to go back the next weekend with us to get it along with the 10 chairs.  At the time there were two in our family with one giant table.  It's amazing to look at it now as we have slowly started working our way to utilizing more chairs daily at the table while all our babies have turned to toddlers and started using the seats.

I know it's just because I am a sentimental sap but to anyone else this table has been the gathering place for us throughout the last 10 years.  It has been the center of family meals, big dinners, birthday parties, game nights, wine tastings, beer drinking, science projects, first foods, crafts, parties etc.  This is more then a piece of a wood to us.  It has joined us in our adventures to three countries and most of all, it holds all the memories of all the good times with friends and family around it.  I can honestly picture most of our family and friends sitting at it and laughing with us throughout the years.  Thanks for everyone who has ever joined us at the table.....we loved you all and hold your friendships dear and to anyone who hasn't been over to join us, we look forward to you coming one day!



On a side note....would love for anyone to send me pictures they have from gatherings at the table at our house. I love going through memory lane :)

As a second side note.....I need to remember to take more pictures of just ordinary dinners/fun with friends and family!

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  1. What a lovely commentary about an inanimate object that is the center of so many important and significant events in you families life. I truly appreciate your perspective and sit here and look at my own dining room table and it also reminds me of all the family and friends who have gathered round it to share in the many joys and tribulations that have weaved there way through the fabric of our lives. Keep on writing Stacey you are marvelous at expressing yourself!