Sunday, March 27, 2016

First Day of Spring

The other day was the first day of spring and much to our surprise it was the first day that we had snow in months!  Shockingly, even though we live in Alaska we had sooo little snow this year.  All winter we were actually hoping for more so that we could to more skiing, tobogganing, snow shoeing etc...  Well mother nature with her crazy tricks got mixed up and to start spring, we had an incredible snow storm.  It was supposed to warm up this week and the snow was supposed to leave and it did just that; but for a short while, the snow was the nice sticky stuff :)  So we headed out last weekend and just got to enjoy some snow activities.


and snowmen.....

and snow angels oh my!

I took so long to actually post this one that I took pictures the next few days of our snowman and just how quickly it disappeared.  Thank goodness we went out and enjoyed the snow that day because it was gone nearly as quick as it came!

Day 1 of snowman -
 Day 2 of snowman -

Day 3 of snowman -

This reminds me to seize the moment...because sometimes there won't be snow to build a snowman if you put it off until tomorrow :)

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