Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Toy Story

For any of you who have ever watched Toy Story, you have to admit that when the loved toys get packed up because Andy is getting too big for them it's a tear jerker.  I recently watched this movie again with Joshua and it hit harder this time around.

As we slowly packed up the toys from the big kids and put them away until Josh was old enough we kinda didn't notice them slowly going. In fact we kinda liked the extra play room but opening those containers now I was hit with a rush of emotions because these toys were their favorites! They were played with for countless hours. They were taken everywhere with us and they even slept in the big boys beds with them. Now they have been sitting there just waiting to be loved again.  I am glad that I get to remember all the joy it brought the older kids while we unpack these toys.

Welcome back Buzz and Woody....you will be loved again to infinity and beyond!

This is Joshie now....

And here are some pics from when Buzz and Woody were cool the first time around at our house :)

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  1. Ah Toy Story one of my favorites...glad your young ones will get to enjoy these characters again.